The Moment of Pride

You live in a very busy world, everyone is under stress, there is no doubt about that,  all day long for at least 9 hours , sitting behind a desk, running all kind of business, emails, meetings phone calls, commuting etc…
You take lunch while working, phone calls under shower, coffee in the bus or in the tube, You stuck in traffic for hours, You barely sit  with your family , kids … so at the end of the day there is no time for You.
Have you ever considered what kind of life you are living ? Have you ever thought if this kind of life you want? Or in other words do you think that running this kind of lifestyle worth life itself? Do we just exist in this world to live like robots? do you call this “Living”?
Nope , of course this is not living, this is breeding , vegetating and wasting the values of “Being”, losing the “Human” inside each one of us by running behind a materialistic style of life , and behind our individuality, by forgetting that life is a Gift , presented for Man in order to discover the core of life : Truth, Goodness and Beauty, and to spread these great values in society. But Unfortunately we are losing that gift. We are losing the moment of Pride.