From Ego to Awareness

You may say that all this talk about mind and awareness is nonsense. And you may say, why bother and make a philosophy out of it, since mind is just the brain, or a body manifestation, and there is nothing called soul or such. You may be right; in fact I used to be a defender of such thinking. I was extremely impressed by the materialistic theory of Life. Well somehow there is some truth in this vision but it’s incomplete. Human history and human sciences, such as, sociology, anthropology and psychology, have all shown us, over and over again, that Man is not just Matter; in fact, Man is Matter and Soul, and by soul I mean the Self itself ; your nature, your very being.  Moreover, it is this “self”, which is the essence of mind, feelings, mood, emotions, conscience, character,  perception, creativity, morale, and ethics. Matter and Soul,  an undivided combination, is what constitutes the human being. Without this combination Man could not have reached the high levels of civilization and culture through history. This combination is harmonious by nature; it is balanced by nature, and once the harmony is disturbed, problems arise; that is, all kind of problems and on all levels, whether individual or social. The more you feed your Self , the more the balance is preserved. The more you feed your Self, the more aware you become, otherwise ego dominates. Wisdom is the food for Self, for Wisdom is the perception of the Righteous, the Goodness and the Beauty. The question is how could everyone be wise? It’s impossible to have a world of wise men and women, such a world would be platonic. Well, first of all, I don’t mean by wisdom the universal wisdom, what I mean is  a small part of it, a little drop of the ocean of wisdom. This little drop is enough for it contains all the substances and all the energy and all the freshness of the ocean. For example, if you have a tendency for music, then music is your little drop; the more you live with this drop, the more your mind and body become balanced and hence more harmony will prevail. Your drop is music, another person’s drop is poetry or business or science or medicine.  All of you will be enjoying this drop from the large ocean, as if all of them become part of it. You have to dive in this drop, feel its freshness, and the bigger your drop is, the more joy there is. You are aware now, the ego is no more.



It is all Within Yourself

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.
Marcus Aurelius

While most of us are seeking happiness , we are missing the point that life itself is happiness. Hence we are missing life.
If you look around  with an open heart, with an open mind, you will realize the beauty of life, its fragrance and energy that are mainlining this whole universe in all its evolution and tiny details.
But our mind is busy with something else. Instead of being conscious, aware, we suffer from a chronic disease, which is our Ego, the most dangerous disease and the most ancient one since the existence of Man.
Man is unconscious because of that disease. All the miseries we face in this world , all the wars, poverty, hunger, even natural disasters  and many others  are created by that unconscious mind.
Only few remained intact and healthy, only few knew the way to protect themselves from that disease and tried to show us the cure.
And this whole existence is still alive because of those few, the enlightened ones, such as, Plato, Socrates, Zeno, Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, Marcus Aurelius, Imam Ali, Ibn Khaldoun, Lao Tzu… and many many other Scholars, Scientists, Leaders, Writers, Philosophers,  Mystics … who held the light of knowledge and among them some who have sacrificed their lives to maintain that knowledge shining.
That knowledge is within each one of us, the thing is we are looking somewhere else.
We are blind , looking for a path that we will never find. And we suffer.
We suffer and we make the world suffering as well. We believe we are doing what is right and we see the righteous. But how a blind could see?
A whole nation could be blind as well, and why not since it’s guided by stupid politicians working day and night to fulfill their ego demands which is to rule the world, that it is. No matter the count of victims and no matter how large the bloodshed is, what matters is their ego and nothing else. So what to do? How could you find the way to knowledge? The answer is simple, all you need to is to relax , and when you do that you will start listening to yourself, you will enter this journey,  hence the benediction.